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"American Style" Premium Gourmet Coffee. Sustainably grown, fairly traded 100% Arabica beans roasted slightly darker for American-style coffee.

San Francisco Bay Coffees

Colombian Supremo - 908g Value Size Colombian Supremo - 908g Value Size
SKU: 5625

Colombian coffee is one of the finest and most popular coffees in the World, a name synonymous with quality coffee. Our 100% Colombian Supremo is amongst the best. Full city roasted to the fullest flavour point for a well rounded, full bodied coffee with a mild, smooth and slightly sweet taste.

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French Roast - 908g Value Size French Roast - 908g Value Size
SKU: 5652

A specially selected blend of fine Arabica coffees from Central America. French roasted past the pop and sizzle until the beans are very dark brown and very oily. Known as the 'West Coast Roast' our French Roast is a full bodied, intense but smooth coffee with a smoky flavour. Not for the faint o...

Our price: £10.99  |  See details
Gourmet Blend (GROUND) - 908g Value Size Gourmet Blend (GROUND) - 908g Value Size
SKU: 5615

A unique and creative blend of premium Arabica beans from Central America. Full city roasted to give a bright and flavourful medium bodied coffee that is satisfying and smooth enough to drink all day. Our Gourmet Blend is ground to a medium-fine grind for cafetieres and filter coffee makers.

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I serve your French Roast and Colombian in my coffeeshop, and everyone rants and raves about the quality and taste of it. Keep up the good work!
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